Administration Panel

As an Organization Admin you can add Users, change User roles, allow other domains to have access to your Projects, and create shared assets via the Administration Panel.

User roles

Guest: Guests can have projects shared with them, but are not able to create new projects or view all of the projects in your Organization. The "Guest" profile is most useful for Organizations that have a partner company (e.g., customer or contractor) that needs to be able to see - but not create - projects shared with them.

Member: Members are the standard editor/viewer Users in Hex.

Admin: Admins have all the powers of Members, but also have access to your Organization's Administration panel.

Allowed Domains & User settings

You can allow anyone with an email address belong to a certain domain (e.g. to log into your Organization with the default role. By default, any user with an allowed domain will be able to log in, so there's no need to manually create a user account for each person in your Organization.

In most cases, you will want to set up the default role as "Member". Any Users who should not have the default role (e.g., Admins) need their roles set explicitly in the Users field.

Shared Assets

Admins can create shared Data Connections that can be used by all Members in their Org. The process to create connections is the same as in Configuring Data Connection.

Warning: If you delete a shared connect it will be deleted from all projects that use it. Deletion cannot be undone.