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App Configuration Options
The App view offers several configuration options you can use to customize your application's look and behavior.

Configuration Options

The App view has a number of configuration options available:

Canvas dimensions (Canvas Apps only)

Height and width of the App View canvas, which is anchored to the top-left (i.e., changes will expand/contract down and out to the right).


Setting which determines whether the App will automatically re-run every time a user changes an Input parameter. This may not be desirable for apps with a lot of time-intensive logic.
See more about scenarios where you may want to turn off auto-run mode here.

Cache App State

Setting which allows users see pre-computed outputs upon load (versus waiting for a full App re-compute when they start a new app session).
These pre-computed outputs are updated by scheduled runs, making it easy to update the initial state a user sees on a regular cadence.
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