Cell Execution and Run Modes

Execution Model

In the Logic view, users are able to manually execute cells in any order they want, which makes for easy iteration and experimentation.

Runs from the App view, however, always run top-to-bottom, meaning logic must be written with an eventual top-to-bottom run in mind.

Run Modes in Logic View

Hex supports a number of "Run Modes", which allow more control and flexibility on how cells are run in the Logic View.

  • Cell only - default setting that runs only the selected cell

  • Cell + above - runs the cell and all cells above it

  • Cell + below - runs the cell and all cells below it

  • All cells - runs all cells in the project

Cell-level run modes

You can choose how to run each cell, either by clicking the dropdown next to the Run (▶️) button, or by using the keyboard shortcut listed in the menu:

Project-level run modes

You can set project-level defaults for the project using the menu at the top. This will change the default project-wide, both for the Run (▶️) button and the default keyboard shortcut (command/control-enter).