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Run Button
Run Buttons are a useful way to control when certain code executes. For example, Run Buttons are useful if you need to wait for user input before writing back to your database or if you have a bunch of debugging code you don't want to always run.


You can customize several settings for your Run Buttons, in addition to the standard Label and Name.
    Color: Select the color of the button. Current options are grey, blue, green, orange, & red
    Icon: Select the icon displayed on the button by typing the name of any icon from the Blueprint icon library
    Text: Input the text that will display on the button


The output of a Run Button is a Boolean which evaluates True if a user has pressed the button and False if they haven't. For example, if a user refreshes an App (in App mode) or re-runs the Project (in Logic Mode), the button parameters have not explicitly been pressed and so will evaluate False. When a user presses a Run Button, a full Project run is triggered. During that specific run, the button parameter will be evaluated True. This means that only one button can be triggered per run of your project.
To use a Run Button to execute some downstream logic, use the name of the button parameter in a conditional statement, as show in the example below:
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