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Sharing Permissions

User Permissions

Sharing and collaboration are core tenets of the Hex platform.
Select the Share option in the upper right to manage permissions for that project.

Project Access Permissions

Users can have several levels of access to a Hex Project:


Full rights over a Project, including renaming, deleting, and managing all other user permissions.


Can modify any part of the Logic or App, and (if permitted) are able to add other Editor, Viewer, or Users. They are unable to rename or delete the Project.
When Owner or Editor permission is granted to a Hex user who is not an Administrator or Author, that user's permissions to the project will be automatically downgraded to Viewer.


Users can view any part of the Project (including the logic), but are unable to modify or add new users.
Viewers can duplicate a Project (excluding Data Connection credentials), and will be the Owner of the resulting new project.

App User

Users with this permission level can only view the published App and are unable to modify or add other users. They cannot duplicate a project.

Public Share Permissions

Projects can be made available publicly by toggling on the "Share to web" option in the Share dialog. Anyone with the link to your project will be able to navigate to and interact with your project.
You have two options for the access permission for those with a link:
    App-only: Can only see published App
    Viewer: Can see Logic and App views. Cannot edit or run project in Logic view.
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