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Apps created from Hex projects have a sense of versioning, including a currently "Published" version. This published version is the only viewable page for users with the User permission profile.

Updating the Published Version

The Publish button will appear anytime there are unpublished changes in a project.
The Publish button will only show as active if there are unpublished changes
Upon clicking the Publish button, you will be presented with the option to publish your changes, along with a live preview of your changes and a link to the currently-published version of your app for reference.
Seeing an error in the Publish preview, but you just ran things and swear it works? Apps (and previews) always run every cell in your Logic top-to-bottom with a new kernel. This means there may have been now-deleted variables lingering in your personal kernel, leading to errors in the new kernel. Try to go back to Logic and "Restart and run all" to pinpoint the problem.
You can view and revert to past versions of a project from the Version Control menu.

Interaction with Scheduling

You can use Hex to schedule runs on a periodic basis. It's important to note that scheduled runs will execute the currently-published version of the logic, which may differ from the version you're viewing.
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